Educational Trips (Secondary)


Secondary 1 (Year 7-9)

Throughout our Secondary School, each year group attends one Geography residential field trip as well as a number of other subject-related day trips. Additionally, the Senior School pupils are invited to join the Scouts team term trip.
The Year 7s are always excited to go for a two day ‘rite of passage’ retreat at Wendo, in which they engage in various team building and bonding exercises as they learn about transitioning into young adulthood. These are fantastic opportunities for our children to experience completely different environments and activities from those available at school.
Each year the Secondary School students participate in the Presidential Awards Program, and embark on a challenging trip to Hell’s Gate in Naivasha. There, they develop life skills and undergo character building as they hike and rock climb up to the top of Mt. Longonot.
Trips are planned with the careful consideration for each and every child’s safety and well being. A comprehensive risk assessment is completed for all trips.
It is our aim to enhance our pupils’ school experience by providing new and challenging opportunities to experience completely different environments. This exposure enables them to grow and develop into confident young people who are not intimidated by stepping out into the real world.