Developing Sporting Prowess

Sport forms a key part of school life and the junior school has enjoyed sporting success at the highest levels. The environment creates time and space for children to fully develop their athletic ability. As a result, our students are very successful in competitive sport.


Term Sports

September/December: Cricket, Rounders, Athletics and Cross-­Country

January/ April: Hockey, Soccer and Swimming

April/May: Rugby and Netball

Many students also enjoy competing against other schools in football and swimming. In addition, we benefit from professional golf, tennis and Tae Kwon Do coaching. International experience is enhanced by travel to engage in further challenges, such as highly successful ski trips to Manchester England and Spain Bercelona.


Competitive sport

Students are chosen to represent the school and compete against other Kenyan Schools, with many matches played during the term against schools both locally and throughout Nairobi. Our teams have a successful record in competitive sports, where the aim is to develop good sportsmanship as well as competing to win. School of the nations students are regular holders of some of the main inter-­school trophies and winners of tournaments like mini world cup held at international school of Kenya, showing their skill and their commitment to training.


Developing talents

We provide all our students with the chance to develop their talents. Every Saturday we provide all our students with free team training. Saturday morning is dedicated to soccer training and mid –morning is for swimming and other sports depending with what term it is; much is also happening throughout the week.