Who We Are

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School of the Nations is guided by its vision to raise future leaders who are committed to serve and affect the world using their unique gifts and abilities.


In pursuing this vision, we strive to nurture the potential of each student by ensuring academic excellence and a broad and balanced curriculum firmly founded upon Christian principles. SON provides a supportive learning environment that encourages each student to excel as they acquire knowledge, grow a diverse skill set, and develop personally and spiritually to become leaders with a servant’s heart.


We are raising…

▪ inquirers ▪ thinkers ▪ communicators ▪ risk takers ▪ innovators

Who are…

▪ knowledgeable  ▪ principled  ▪ caring  ▪ open-minded  ▪ well-balanced                                 ▪ reflective ▪ compassionate  ▪ competent  ▪ confident 

Through offering :

✐Diversified Education. A curriculum designed to fully utilize each child’s talent to help them realize their unique potential.

✐British National Curriculum. An active-learning, student-centered approach to make learning engaging for every student. International Key Stages and Common Entrance exams are administered.

✐Extra Curricular Activities and Clubs. A balanced, well-rounded approach to education that also offers: Cookery, Kiswahili, French, Dance and Movement, Physical Education, Swimming, Drama, Computer Literacy, and clubs such as Orchestra, Mixed Media, Young Farmers, and Scouts.

✐Qualified Teachers. Credentialed specialists with extensive experience and training in multiple subject areas and skills.

✐Small Classes. Ensuring that each child receives the necessary support and individual attention in every developmental area.
✐Excellent Facilities. Includes an internet-equipped computer lab, swimming pool, science lab, cookery center, music hall, and design and technology station.
✐Parent-Teacher Partnership. Partnering with parents and family members to create a welcoming, supportive, and attentive community that nurtures the character and academic development of our students.
✐Friendly Environment. A caring, loving, and dynamic atmosphere on a beautiful, peaceful, and spacious 17 acre campus.