Educational Trips

Secondary 1 (Year 7-9)

Each year group from Year 7-9 attends one 3 day Geography trip and 2 other 1 day trips in the course of the academic year.

The Year 7's are always excited to go for a two day ‘rite of passage’ retreat at Wendo, in which they engage in various team building and bonding exercises as they learn about transitioning into young adulthood.

This year the Year 8 & 9 visited Mombasa and this is what they had to say:

The Mombasa Tour was a very educational and exciting tour for year 8 and 9. Some of the best highlights of the colorful old city were under city in this trip.  As we wandered  through streets of The Old Arab town, we saw the intricate hand carved doors, and balconies hanging over the narrow streets, unchanged for hundreds of years. Protecting the harbor stands Fort Jesus which was built by the Portuguese 400 years ago, to protect their interest in east Africa. See how it went from Fort to prison to tourist attraction. Our guide narrated to the students the origin and stories behind Fort Jesus.

We also Walked under the famous elephant tusks on Moi Ave.

The Vasco da Gama’s Pillar was an exciting and  famous monument in Malindi, that’s situated on the seafront road near the jetty. Our guide Ahmed carefully and excitingly narrated to the students about the pillar that was origonally in Mombsa town but currently located in Malindi.

Gedi Ruins Kenya are in the north coast of Mombasa towards Malindi in Kenya. Gedi was a small town built from rocks and stones. It was inhabited by a few thousand Swahili people and ruled by a rich Sultan. The story behind Gedi Ruins were articulated so well by our guide Titus.

Various modes of transport were under study in this that included, SGR, Ferry, Ship, Malindi International Air port and other forms of transport like animal transport. The busy Kilindini harbour was also under study. Pictures speak a thousand words, kindly see below:

These are fantastic opportunities for our children to experience completely different environments and activities from those available at school.

Previously the Secondary School students have participated in the Presidential Awards Program, and embarked on a challenging trip to Hell’s Gate in Naivasha. There, they develop life skills and undergo character building as they hike and climb to the top of Mt. Longonot. Plans are underway to reintroduce the various age categories to the Presidential Awards Program.

Trips are planned with the careful consideration for each and every child’s safety and well-being. A comprehensive risk assessment is completed for all trips.