Our Admission

The basis of acceptance and placement is available space in enrollment as well as suitability of our program for your child.

 International Christian Kindergarten welcomes children from any race, nationality or religion.

Admission process:

  1. Come and visit us!
  2. Fill in the application form.
  3. Pay the registration fee.

    ICK@SON Admission documents:

    1. Application Form
    2. Fee Structure
    3. ICK Playgroup Fee Structure
    4. General Information
    5. Extra-Curricular Activity List
    6. Term Dates
    7. ICK@SON Lunch
    8. ICK@SON Transportation fee
    9. Transport Registration Form

    ICK incorporates the Word of God, the love of God, the joy of the Lord and brings this all together in the most loving and gentle manner that my daughter has excelled as a person, a friend, a daughter and a sister because of the dedication and the care given to her.

    Betty Matharu