Pastoral Care

School of the Nations exists to "raise the next generation of leaders to serve the nations".  This requires nurturing our students in developing their character through solidly founded Biblical foundations which is an integral  part of our pastoral care.

Pastoral care involves:

  • Guiding and mentoring of the students from a biblical perspective.
  • Equipping the parents with tools necessary to raise the children in a godly way.
  • Helping the students interact with the community in a meaningful and empathetic way.

The Pastoral Programme includes:

1. Daily Morning Devotions

Daily the class begins with morning devotions from 7.50am. – 8.10 am. The focus of this time is to set the tone of the day by spending time with God together as a class in reading His Word, worship and in prayer.

2. Bible Study Lessons
We have a weekly Bible study. The lessons are compulsory for each student. The students learn:

  • The character of God.
  • The promises of God.
  • A chronological study of redemptive history.
  • The Names of God.

3. School Chapels
The purpose of the school chapel is to hear and respond to God in His word in a dynamic, fun-filled and colourful activities. During these services, the students participate in praise and worship, Bible lessons, skits, dance and games. Guest speakers are usually invited to speak and each class has an opportunity to host the chapel, with their parents being invited to join. Chapel runs on Fridays from 11:50am – 12:40pm.

4. Parenting Workshop

The program will involve a series of eight topics whereby we will have one session per term. The session which include watching a video will be held on one Saturday each term for two hours. This workshop is for ordinary parents from every walk of life. The purpose of the course is to give the parents a chance to stand back from everything and with the support of other parents, look at ways of improving communication with the children, disciplining them, etc.

This is not a dull classroom-type workshop and parents find it relaxing and enjoyable,  and parents have some good laughs and they most definitely make new friends. The workshop helps the parents to set clear guidelines and encourage effective discipline in the home. It also reduces tension, squabbling and fighting and creates a more relaxed, respectful and friendly atmosphere within the home.

5. Holiday Fun Week (Holiday Bible Camp)
After school has closed in July, the school runs a fun-filled activity-oriented week. This is done in collaboration with members of Christian organisations from the USA. The program includes sports, art and craft, worship, dance and a bible lesson based on a special theme.