Pastoral Care

The goal of our pastoral care is two-fold. The first is nurturing and guiding our secondary students to know and love God. The second is to express love for God by serving others.

 1. Pastoral care involves:

  • Guiding and mentoring of the students from a biblical perspective.
  • Equipping the parents with tools necessary to raise the children in a godly way.
  • Helping the students interact with the community in a meaningful and empathetic way.

The Pastoral Programme includes:

1. Daily Morning Devotions
Daily the class begins with morning devotions from 7.50am. – 8.10 am. The focus of this time is to set the tone of the day by spending time with God together as a class in reading His Word, worship and in prayer.

2. Bible Study Lessons
We have a weekly Bible study. The lessons are compulsory for each student. The students learn:

    • God's providence on my life: It is to explore God's purpose for my life.
    • Ways of God: It is to understand how to live my life based on Biblical values and principles.

3. School Chapels
The purpose of the school chapel is to hear and respond to God in His word in a dynamic, fun-filled and colourful activities. During these services, the students participate in praise and worship, Bible lessons, skits, dance and games. Guest speakers are usually invited to speak and each class has an opportunity to host the chapel, with their parents being invited to join. Chapel runs on Thursday from 12:10am – 1 pm.

4. Transition to teenage hood programme
The purpose of this programme is to prepare the pre-teen students for teenage-hood by helping them to understand this transition stage of their lives and how to navigate through this stage of their lives.

5. Parenting Workshop
These workshops target the parents who are raising the teenage children. The purpose is to help them to understand and to cope with their contemporary teenagers effectively.

2) Serving others:

1. Community Service
The purpose of this program is to provide an opportunity for students to interact with the community in a meaningful and empathetic way. The students have been supporting By-Grace Children’s Home in Ngong. They have done fundraising towards the home and they have also been involved in building projects within the By-Grace Children's Home. Learning how to serve others begins at a young age.

SON has a vision to raise future leaders but more importantly, future leaders who serve, are selfless, caring, and committed to the communities they are part of. As we empower our students to serve the community, we desire that our students understand service as a direct action rather than an abstract term. Community service opportunities teach our students to be involved and to give to the community using their time, talents, energy and resources they have been privileged with. As they prioritize and find time to serve, they are also actively learning to find solutions to the problems they see around them. We want to instill an attitude of always finding ways to better the society they belong to.

Every year the students raise money through activities that they organize within the school. These activities are for example bake sales, selling of unclaimed lost property items, talent shows, treasure hunt to name but a few. All the money raised during these activities go towards charity work which the students participate in at the end of the year. For the last five years, our students have been involved in doing various projects at By-Grace Children’s Home located in Ngong town. This has seen the standards of living of the students at By-Graced raised significantly.

2. Holiday Funweek (Holiday Bible Camp)
After school has closed in July, the school runs a fun-filled activity-oriented week for Year 2-6. This is done in collaboration with members of Christian organisations from the USA. The program includes sports, art and craft, worship, dance and a bible lesson based on a special theme.

Our cecondary students assist to put their leadership/principles and skills learnt during the leadership retreat (at By Grace) into practice as they assist in the running of the Holiday Fun Week.