We have an open door policy and we encourage and welcome feedback from the parents at any time. We have varous ways of communicating with the parents such as:


This is a tool of communication between the teacher and the parent.  The diary has a copy of the class time table. Kindly note the swimming, games and P.E days and pack the right kit. The diary should be checked daily from Monday to Friday and signed by both the teacher and the parents.  Parents wishing to meet the teacher can book an appointment through the diary or call the office and organize the meeting. If the diary is missing kindly write a note to the class teacher to make a follow up.

School email

Most communication from the office is done via email; parents are expected to provide the office with their email addresses.


At the beginning and at the end of every term, a newsletter is sent to parents together with the terms calendar of events. The events calendar contains the set dates for school events, class trips, chapel date for each class, inter school games events, assessment and exam week. The end of term newsletter includes the forms for clubs and after school activities; parents should return filled forms to the office.

Termly Events Calendar

Every term you get an events calendar that highlights the term’s events.

Weekly Bulletin

Every Friday a weekly bulletin is emailed to each parent. The bulletin contains the highlights of the week and upcoming events. There is also   chapel invitation to the parents from the class leading the chapel. Please do not we do not issue hard copies, do issue your ‘active’ email address.

Weekly Forecast

Every Friday, you will be sent a copy of the weekly forecast through ClassDojo.  This highlights the topics to be covered in every subject, every week.


This is an interactive communication apps that connect parents and teachers. Within the apps, parents can see any messages or upcoming events or projects within a specific class. These ensures the parents receive messages in good time and will be up to date with the different subjects, projects, trips etc. These are administered by the school. The best part about it is that the privacy of each parent is maintained as no phone numbers will be shared and any individual concerns are kept confidential.