We are an International Christian School following the British Curriculum. We offer Cambridge Primary and Secondary curriculum developed by the University of Cambridge International Examinations for 5-18 year olds. The key subjects taught are:

  1. First Language English
  2. English as a Second Language
  3. Mathematics
  4. Science(s)
  5. Computing
  6. Humanities: History & Geography
  7. Art and Design
  8. Music
  9. Makerspace
  10. Modern Foreign Languages: Mandarin, Swahili & French
  11. Physical Education(P.E)
  12. Swimming
  13. Global Perspectives
  14. Bible Study

Primary Years

The Foundation Years (Ages 5-7 Years)

These comprise of Years 1 and 2. At this level, the pupils are encouraged through hands-on experience to develop basic Numeracy and Literacy skills so as to further their thinking and independent work skills in preparation for Year 3. The other subjects taught at this level are Science, Art, Kiswahili, French, Mandarin, Cookery, Design & Technology, ICT, Bible Study, Humanities and Music.

The Primary School (Ages 7-11 Years)

These comprise of Years 3-6. During these years, the students are encouraged to develop their key skills while also developing their independent working skills. The progress of the student from one year group to the next is assessed using the optional assessment tests, which are administered at the end of the academic year.

Students are also taught Global Perspective. GP basically seeks to develop the skills of research, analysis, evaluation, reflection, collaboration and communication.

Progression Chart

6-7 years Year 2 Internal testing
7-8 years Year 3 Progression Test
8-9 Years Year 4 Progression Test
9-10 Years Year 5 Progression Test
10-11 Years Year 6 Cambridge Primary Checkpoint

Click on the link to visit the Cambridge website to get more information.

Our approaches to teaching and learning

Our approaches to teaching and learning is learner centered, making learning and teaching:

  1. Interactive & engaging and
  2. Differentiated considering and catering every individual student’s:
    • Current level, strengths and weaknesses
    • Ability
    • Learning needs
    • Learning Pace
    • Learning style
  3. Preparing the students with 21st Century Skills:
    • Critical thinking
    • Creative thinking
    • Strategic thinking
    • Participatory

Thus, our approaches are unique in the following ways:

  1. Various learning centers within the class: English center, reading corner, writhing centers, Maths center etc.
  2. Class rooms have Carpeted Area where the teachers and the students are seated, being at the same eye level of the students, thus learning is interactive and engaging.
  3. Our unique Maths Center is set in a spacious class of its own in each year level, well equipped with Montessori materials that the students can work with individually or in a group. This kind of hands-on learning makes understanding Maths concepts so easy and fun. Students can work individually according to their level and at their own pace.
  4. Specialized subject centers: Language labs for French and Mandarin, Science labs, Art Studio, Design and Technology lab etc.
  5. Smart board: Every classroom is equipped with the smartboard which is modern learning technology that makes learning interactive, engaging and participatory.
  6. Maths-Whizz: Our school maths provision includes on line subscription to the award-winning Maths-Whizz. Every child deserves a learning experience that caters to their individual needs. Maths-Whizz helps to provide that. To begin, the students are assessed in key topics in order to work out their strengths and weaknesses across the curriculum. The Maths-Whizz Virtual Tutor will then guide them through a fun, interactive online world of learning, constantly adapting the journey to meet your child’s unique needs and pace of learning.