Meet Our Team!

We are a committed team to the mission of our school to raise the next generation of leaders to serve the nations. We are passionate, fun loving and dynamic young men and women full of unique talents and gifts who embrace the following core-values:

  • Sensitive towards diversity and uniqueness of our students.
  • Open-minded to new changes.
  • Nurturing students to realise their God-given potential and to make an impact on their generation.

Founders and Directors

Jong Pyo & Hwaock Im are career missionaries originally from South Korea and have known Kenya as their home since 1981. During their 38 years here, they raised three daughters and founded both the International Christian Kindergarten and the School of the Nations. They are both part of the Evangelical Mission for Africa (EMA) and have a vision to serve Africa through education.

Dr. Jong Pyo Im is a missionary, pastor, and adjunct professor at the Handong Global University and holds a Ph.D in Missiology from Fuller Theological Seminary. He often travels throughout East Africa to help train and equip other missionaries and pastors.

Mrs. Hwaock Im (known as Mrs. Im) is the head of the Educational Ministry of the EMA. She has acquired her Ph.D in Cross-Cultural Education from Biola University, having pioneered new ground in research on cross-cultural education in the growing urban centers of East Africa. She is the principal of the School of the Nations and is often seen around campus enjoying the vibrant laughter and voices of the school children.

From the Principal


I am Mrs. Hwaock Im, Principal of School of the Nations.   I would like to introduce School of the Nations to you as a possible option for your student’s education from kindergarten up to IGCSE /A level, especially if you are interested in a British curriculum school.

School of the Nations is an international, multicultural Christian school equipped to serve a diverse student body with the highest standards of education. We are a fully accredited Cambridge international school, using British curriculum.

Our school is guided by its vision to raise future leaders who are committed to serve and affect the world using their unique gifts and individual abilities. In pursuing this vision, we provide academic excellence, nurturing the potential of each student and offering a broad and balanced curriculum firmly founded upon Christian principles.

Our beautiful school is set on 17 acres of spacious landscaped campus. We take pride in creating a peaceful, friendly, welcoming environment for our students and faculty and we would now like to welcome you!

I cordially invite you and your student to our school to explore whether we could be a fitting option for your child’s next educational step up.

Looking forward to seeing and hosting you!

Mrs. Hwaock Im, Ph.D

Our Leadership Team

Meet our Leadership Team!


Eric Kinyanjui

Primary School Coordinator

Pastoral Care Coordinator


Josiah Mwangi

Student Affairs Coordinator

Secondary School Coordinator


Brenda Chumba

Sports Department Coordinator


Bronwynne van Rijn

Academic Administrative Assistant


James Maina

Academic Director

Cambridge Exam Officer

Professional Development Coordinator

IGCSE/ A-Level Coordinator


Elizabeth Ndungu

Head of Kindergarten

Our Teaching Team

Westlands Kindergarten Team

  • Catherine Mungai- Deputy Head Teacher / Top Daisy Class Teacher
  • Angeline Mwangi- Playgroup / Robin Class Teacher
  • Zipporah Gathu - Playgroup / Robin Assistant Teacher
  • Margaret Kinyanjui- Sparrow Class Teacher (2 – 3 Year Olds)
  • Christabel Isagi- Sparrow Assistant Teacher
  • Emma Anyango- Blue Berries Class Teacher (3 – 4 Year Olds)
  • Nicole Mumbi- Blue Berries Assistant Teacher
  • Anitah  Namukasa- Blue Bells Class Teacher (3 – 4 Year Olds)
  • Jane Muthike- Blue Bells Assistant Teacher
  • Linda Olendo- Red Roses Class Teacher (4 – 5 Year Olds)
  • Elizabeth Maingi- Red Roses Assistant Teacher
  • Purity Karanja- Red Tulips Class Teacher (4 – 5 Year Olds)
  • Angela - Red Tulips Assistant Teacher
  • Aloice Guya- Top Lily Class Teacher
  • Godfrey Oduor - Physical Education Teacher
  • Pauline Gitau- Swimming Coach
  • Brian Kilesi- Swimming Coach

SON Kindergarten Team

  • Lucy Njogu- Sparrow Class Teacher
  • Eva Wanjiku- Blue Class Teacher
  • Lavine Oduor- Red Class Teacher
  • Joyce Wanjiru- Year 1 Class Teacher
  • Elizabeth Ndungu - Year 1 Class Teacher
  • Coach Godfrey Oduor - Physical Education Teacher
  • Coach Pauline - Swimming Teacher
  • Coach Brian - Swimming Teacher

SON Prep and High School Head of Subjects (HOS)

  • Antonia Wamunyu - Year 2 & 3 Coordinator
  • James Maina - HOS English and English Literature
  • Charles Ngunjiri - HOS High School Mathematics and Physics
  • Brenda Chumba- HOS Science, Biology, Chemistry and Sports
  • Abigael Jeptoo - HOS History, Kiswahili and Global Perspective
  • Josiah Mwangi - HOS Geography
  • Mariam Ndanu - HOS Modern Foreign Languages (French and Chinese Mandarin)
  • Bronwynne van Rijn - HOS Art and Design, Design and Technology and Music
  • Eric Kinjanjui - HOS ICT, Bible Study and Primary School Mathematics

Prep School Team

  • Rose Yaya- Year 2 Class teacher
  • Rosemary Muiruri - Year 2 Assistant Teacher
  • Stella Omupango- Year 2 Class teacher
  • Caroline Wanjiku- Year 2 Assistant Teacher
  • Sarah Mwangi- Year 3 Class Teacher
  • Nancy Maloba - Year 4 Class Teacher
  • Isaac Sonteddy - Year 4 Class Teacher
  • Sarah Musili - Year 5 Class Teacher & English Teacher
  • Eric Kinjanjui - Year 6 Class Teacher & Maths Teacher
  • Abigael Jeptoo - Kiswahili & History Teacher
  • Sean Kim - ICT Teacher
  • Mariam Ndanu - French Teacher
  • Faith Mworia - Chinese (Mandarin) Teacher
  • Jenny Wafula - Music Teacher
  • Joy Tuja Kionga- Music Teacher
  • Sean Kim - Design and Technology Teacher
  • Josiah Mwangi - Art & Geography Teacher
  • Brenda Chumba- Science Teacher
  • Tino Chiseka - Soccer Coach
  • Jonathan Mwongela- Physical Education Teacher
  • Barbara Amissi - Girls Physical Education Teacher
  • Godfrey Oduor - Physical Education Teacher
  • Pauline Gitau- Swimming Coach
  • Brian Kilesi- Swimming Coach

High School Team

  • James Maina- English Teacher
  • Charles Ngunjiri - Year 8 Class Teacher, Physics & Mathematics Teacher
  • Brenda Chumba- Chemistry & Biology Teacher
  • Abigael Jeptoo- Year 7 Class Teacher & History & Kiswahili Teacher
  • Josiah Mwangi- Year 9 Class Teacher &Geography & Art Teacher
  • Sean Kim - ICT Teacher
  • Eric Kinyanjui - ICT Teacher
  • Mariam Ndanu - French Teacher
  • Faith Mworia - Chinese (Mandarin) Teacher
  • Jenny Wafula- Music Teacher
  • John Ng’ang’a- Bible Study Teacher
  • Pastor Kevin & his team- Chapel & Bible Study Teacher
  • Tino Chiseka - Soccer Coach
  • Jonathan Mwongela- Physical Education Teacher
  • Sophie Mwangi - Girls Physical Education Teacher
  • Pauline Gitau- Swimming Coach
  • Brian Kilesi- Swimming Coach


  • Abigael Jeptoo- History & Kiswahili Teacher
  • Mariam Ndanu- French Teacher
  • Josiah Mwangi- Geography Teacher
  • Brenda Chumba- Chemistry & Biology Teacher
  • Charles Ngunjiri - Physics & Mathematics Teacher
  • James Maina- English & English Literature Teacher
  • Eric Kinyanjui - ICT & Business Studies Teacher
  • Faith Mworia - Chinese (Mandarin) Teacher

Administrative Team

  • Bronwynne van Rijn- Academics Administrative Assistant
  • Carol Monthe- Communications and Kindergarten Administration
  • Herine Okombo - Finance
  • Juliana Mbotela -  Assistant Librarian
  • Solomon Antony - Transport Coordinator
  • Mark Oremo - Laboratory Technician
  • Geoffrey - IT Technician