During each term, a number of activities take place that provide a focus for the School community.

Term 1 we have:

  • Christmas Party
  • Christmas Production

Term 2 we have:

  • Safari Rally (Bicycle race):

We use this event to teach children traffic signs and road courtesy.  Children who master these signs will be issued with an ‘ICK Driving License’, which will then permit the child to participate in the rally.

  • Easter celebrations &  an art festival:

Showcasing cultures from different continents where parents, children, extended family can participate with the kids. This will be done through art and craft.

Dressing in a cultural attire of choice.

Bringing in cultural homemade snacks (finger foods) to share with everyone.

Sharing with the less privileged at ‘Ark of Peace Children’s Home’ (dry foods, books, toys etc.)

  • Swimming Gala

Term 3 we have:

  • Sports Day
  • Year 1 Graduation
  • Art Exhibition

Field Trips

During the year there are a wide variety of class educational trips that enhance their learning experience.