• My previous education is in a different school system (i.e., American, Kenyan, etc.). Will I be able to adjust?

SON welcomes students of different nationalities and from other school systems. The diverse student body and family-like atmosphere is ideal for helping new students adjust academically and integrate socially. When a new student seeks admission, they undergo an entrance learning assessment; based on the results, arrangements can be made to provide any necessary learning support such as ESL, or individualized numeracy and/or literacy attention.

  • What are the average class sizes per grade?

SON’s goal is to ensure that each student receives the necessary individual attention from his or her instructor in order to excel. Every class has a maximum of 18-20 students, and Years 1 and 2 classes include trained teacher assistants who provide additional support.

  • How does SON maintain a standard of academic excellence based on its comparatively lower fees?

SON’s vision is to provide the highest level of academics on a not-for-profit basis. Thus, we are committed to keeping fees as affordable as possible while not compromising on any of the costs needed to provide the best facilities and instruction.

  • I am a former student of School of the Nations and would like to request a transcript?

You may request a transcript from our admissions office by emailing the school at office@schoolofthenations.org

  • Do you have to be a Christian to attend SON?

No, we are a Christian school, but we are not affiliated to any one church in particular. We have familes from all different backgrounds. All students are welcome!

  • Does School of the Nations offer boarding facilities?

School of the Nations is a day school only. No boarding facilities are available.

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