“It is a small world after all…” A catchy tune and a common phrase to most. As children 15 years and over account 50% of Africa’s population, we may accurately consider them to be the most important resource for investing in the future.  Tender and impressionable, “Small world” of Nairobi deserves our most careful attention at this significant period.

Not in the economy, but in the lives of tomorrow’s leaders… the little ones.  We believe that we can make a difference in the lives of “little people”, affecting them and their destiny as we lay solid foundations of truth and love in their lives.

For these reasons, International Christian Kindergarten was borne in November 1991.

To me ICK is a blessing for my family because it values, protects, teaches and encourages the most important part of our family, our children. If I could make time stand still, I would wish for my little angels to stay in ICK…but for now, I am grateful that I am a better parent.

Mama Gabriel and Michael