With Our Parents

Parents are an integral part of School of the Nation’s family and we have open and friendly communication with our parents as they play a crucial role through feedback. Parents are welcome to join us during chapel service on the days that their children’s class is hosting chapel.

We prove various avenues in which our parents can get involved such as:

Parent Orientation

At the beginning of every academic year, we provide parent orinentaion as the students move to the next class.

Parent Teacher Student Consultation (PTSC)

This takes place every term going over the first few weeks of learning and mapping out the remaining term to achieve the maximum progress. However, if need be, a parent can always book an appointment to meet with various teachers.

Parenting Workshops for Primary school

The program will involve a series of eight topics whereby we will have one session per term. The session which include watching a video will be held on one Saturday each term for two hours. This workshop is for ordinary parents from every walk of life. The purpose of the course is to give the parents a chance to stand back from everything and with the support of other parents, look at ways of improving communication with the children, disciplining them, etc.

This is not a dull classroom-type workshop and parents find it relaxing and enjoyable,  and parents have some good laughs and they most definitely make new friends. The workshop helps the parents to set clear guidelines and encourage effective discipline in the home. It also reduces tension, squabbling and fighting and creates a more relaxed, respectful and friendly atmosphere within the home.

Parenting Workshops for Secondary school

These workshops target the parents who are raising the teenage children. The purpose is to help them to understand and to cope with their contemporary teenagers effectively.

Tea Time with Mrs. Im

We have tea time sessions with parents of different classes.  It is an interactive and informal forum for parents to discuss and give their feedback towards their respective classes.

Interacting through online platform

    • Class Dojo


We have several parents who have taken up different responsibilities and are involved in unique functions at school. We appreciate their generosity in offering their skills, talents, and resources to help make our school a wonderful place!