Clubs and Houses


Clubs run every Friday afternoon from 2:50- 3:20 p.m. This programme is mandatory and runs within the school hours. The students get to explore and discover their interest and potential in other areas otherthan academics. This term we have come up with clubs that we can enjoy.

Presidential Award

President’s Award Kenya is a program aimed at recognizing achievements of young people between the age of 14-24 years.

It aims to equip young people for life by encouraging them to acquire universal skills for them to thrive.

The Award is structured in three levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold. However, the three levels share similar activities but in varying intensity where the gold participants put more commitment.

There are four types of activities in the program;

  • Voluntary service
  • Physical recreation activity
  • Skills
  • Adventurous journey

The Gold award is awarded to members upon successful completion of the three levels; Bronze, silver and Gold.

A-Level club form