Clubs and Houses


Clubs run every Friday 2:30 – 3:30 p.m. and are free of charge.

We have 6 clubs running currently these are:

  1. Shooting stars (Netball club): Playing netball is a fantastic way to keep fit, irrespective of your ability. The Friday club netball is friendly, competitive and fun! Come along and learn new and exciting netball skills, match tactics and lots more.
  2. Mixed Media club : Exploring applications of art such as collage and murals, ceramics, graphic design using alternative materials. The venue will be the Art room.
  3. Tennis Comets club: We are a club that plays tennis to have fun, foster friendship and sharpen coordination skills and promote healthy competition – competition designed around participants’ commitment and desire to learn and excel in the sport.
  4. Dance to Fitness: Dance provides opportunities for artistic and education as well as opportunities for children to explore and express moods and ideas symbolically through movement. To be physically proficient, children develop a range of technical skills and the ability to improve their performance. Because of its close relationship with music, dance develops rhythmic and musical sensitivity. Through experiencing dance, children can also develop their cultural and historical knowledge and understanding. The venue will be the School Hall. 
  5. GamERs Club: Our club aims to open minds to new and exciting games. These games range from the traditional board games to role playing simulation games. Our club makes students feel welcome in a competitive world. Students will be involved in competitive board games and video games. Board games will include chess. Video games will include games that encourage positiveness and self-awareness on life issues. Students will learn to be competitive and make new friends in school and globally. The venue is Year 9 class.
  6. Basketball: The club builds up on the skills learnt during P.E. lessons. The club aims to provide opportunities for student to engage in activity that involve sports and also to give them a chance to show off their Basketball talent. The venue is the new basketball court.

January 2019 Club list


We have a house system currently grouped into two houses i.e. The Victors and the Warriors houses. The aim of this system is to foster a competitive spirit, leadership skills as well as team work through various events like sports galas, quiz days and, swimming galas.