Clubs and Houses

Every Friday afternoon 3:00-3:20 p.m. our exciting CLUBS are run for Years 2-6.  This programme is mandatory and runs within the school hours. The students get to explore and discover their interests and potentials in other areas other than academics. Clubs allocation is on a first come first serve basis therefore it is important that students REGISTER for the clubs every term.

List of Clubs (Years 2- 3)                       

  1. Young Dolphins: The club aims at teaching swimming sport as a competitive recreational activity. It also aims at teaching interpersonal skills, encourage sportsmanship and promote healthy and positive competition among its members. At the end of the term, the club will showcase swimming skills in the pool area.
  2. Soccer Club: The players learn how to pass, dribble, control, head, goal keeping, defending, attacking, possession, formations and team play. At the end of the term, the club will showcase football skills and an exhibition match.
  3. Bring All the Drama! Drama gives children opportunities to explore, discuss and deal with difficult issues and to express their emotions in a supportive environment. It enables them to explore their own cultural values and those of others, past and present. At the end of the term, the members will do a drama presentation.
  4. Indoor Games: Playing board games is an easy and excellent way to spend unhurried, enjoyable time together. It also satisfies the child’s competitive edges and the desire to master new skills and concepts. At the end of the term, the pupils will show the art of thinking as they spell words in scrabble or accuracy in thinking as they play math puzzle
  5. Planet Heroes: The recycling club aims at helping develop an understanding of the importance of our role in preserving our natural resources. The club will help students recognize the importance of recycling and help make the school more environment conscious. At the end of the term, the members will show how to turn recycled bottles into a storage container.
  6. Weavers Club : Discover the art of weaving and threading. Join this fantastic and relaxing club. It will improve your concentration skills and develop your finger muscles. Come one, come all and let's have some fun! At the end of the term we will display all our handy work for all to see.

Year 2-3 Club Form

List of Clubs (Years 4- 6)                      

  1. Let’s play : Let's play club gives children a chance to learn and enjoy different sports like cricket, soccer, hockey, tag rugby as well as outdoor education. The students engage in various team building activities that equip them with leadership skills, team work and social skills to help them develop their character.
  2. Ping Pong Smashers: The ping pong club plays table tennis to have fun, foster friendship, sharpen coordination skills and promote healthy competition. The competition is designed around participants’ commitment and desire to learn and excel in the sport. 
  3. French Club: Exciting and fun loaded experiences await you this academic year as you explore and advance your French. Come on and polish your French by playing games, watching videos, listening to French music, reading and speaking French. What are you waiting for? Register with the French club and add the French twist in your life!! Bienvenus!
  4. Basketball: The club builds up on the skills learnt during P.E. lessons. The club aims to provide opportunities for student to engage in activity that involves sports and also to give them a chance to show off their Basketball talent.
  5. Smash Netball: SMASH Netball club is given to all interested in joining to improve their skills in Netball for competitions and having fun. SMASH Netball club aims at showcasing the different skills acquired throughout the term in matches that will be organized within the school with girls in other clubs and also inter-school matches.
  6. Young Farmers: It aims at excellence in farming through education, membership and by engaging in income generating activities. The club encourages the students to take an active role in the development of this country by making them aware of the agricultural potential and contribution in her economy. In addition, develops a sense of self-reliance and individual responsibility in the students.

Year 4-6 Club Form


We have grouped our students into four houses i.e. Ndovu, Twiga, Kifaru and Nyati. The aim of this grouping is to foster a competitive spirit, leadership skills as well as team work through various events like sportsgalas,  bikeathons and swimming galas.