School of the Nations Library is open to all of its students. They are allowed to read books during their Library time or they are allowed to borrow them and take them home.

Borrowed Books:

  • A child will be able to borrow up to 2 books at a time.
  • The borrowed book will be recorded before being taken out of the Library.
  • A student is allowed to borrow the book/s for 1 week.
  • After this time, they will either return the book or renew it. A student can renew a book twice.
  • All prior books need to be returned before new books are taken.

Late books:

  • If a student’s book is one week over-due, they will pay ksh50 per book.
  • If a student’s book is two weeks over due, they will pay ksh100 per book.
  • After the second week the book will be counted as missing.

Missing / damaged Books:

  • If a student loses or fails to return a book, the parent/guardian is responsible to reimburse the school for the replacement cost of the book.

Students who do not return books will not receive their report cards.

Just like the Textbooks students are expected to:

  • Be responsible for the school property loaned to them.
  • Not write, highlight or draw in Library books.
  • Not leave your book in a classroom, on a table or on a bench.
  • Not loan your book to anyone – not even your best friend!
  • Keep the book away from all liquids (e.g. rain, spilled drinks, and leaky
    water bottles). Wet books that develop mould cannot be used; students will receive and obligation.
  • Keep books in a safe place at home, out of the reach of pets and small children.
  • Return textbooks in good condition on or before the last day of class.

Return books to the school library as soon as you are through with it or are moving.