Developing Sporting Prowess

Sport forms a significant part of School of the Nations Learning Curriculum.  Our sports programme is in tandem with our school vision and mission of bringing up students who will be future global leaders in all aspects of life careers. The aim of our sporting programme is to nurture learners to uphold great values in life such as integrity, teamwork, healthy competeition, fairness and social skills.  We endeavor to ensure that students enjoy physical activity and that they can compete fairly in many areas of individual and team competition. Key to our approach is that students are taught the importance of good sportsmanship; how to win with magnanimity and how to lose gracefully.

Main sporting activities

The school’s sporting expertise includes soccer, netball, rounders, field hockey, rugby, cricket, basketball, lawn tennis, athletics, and swimming.

Competing age groups

The school competes at Under 7, Under 9, Under 11 and Under 13, levels across a full calendar of sporting fixtures against other schools within Kenya.  There are also Inter-House competitions in athletics, basketball, rounders, soccer, netball, rugby, bike-a-thon and, swimming.

Developing talents

There's never a dull moment at School of the Nations. We provide all our students with free team training sessions for the term sports every Saturday and after school. This gives the learners a great opportunity to build their talents.

Students receive expert coaching from our staff and are able to make the most of our beautiful and extensive grounds, developing a long-term healthy lifestyle.