Student Development

Middle School Model United Nations Club (MSMUN)

Middle School Model United Nations (MSMUN) is a program that is designed for junior high school students. This program is an excellent platform for students to refine a number of skills including debating and public speaking skills, journalistic talents, leadership skills and conflict resolution. Through the MUN club at school, learners are rigorously trained in research, writing resolutions, debating in parliamentary style and lobbying for support from other delegates. The activities of the club closely simulate the fast moving world of diplomacy using 21st Century learning skills and approaches.

Tremendous support for the MSMUN delegates is given here at school to ensure they excel during the conference. Many lessons and experiences have been garnered through years of participation and we can only hope for the best outcome in this year’s club. We look forward to implementing a number of changes and improvements that will further enrich our MUN program and make it even more enjoyable for all the learners involved.

Due to its competitive nature and popularity among the students eligibility to this club is purely based on merit from a resolution writing challenge.


Apart from the main conference in January, delegates are expected to participate in Mock debates here at school as well as elsewhere. Delegates represent their countries through any of the following committees:

  • Human Rights: This committee deals with international human rights concerns. EG: Human Trafficking.
  • Ecology and Environment: This committee deals with all issues concerning the environment and ecosystems all over the world EG: Deforestation.
  • Technology: This committee deals with technological issues around the world EG: E-waste
  • Health: This deals with issues in healthcare or wellbeing of people. EG: Sexually Transmitted Diseases.
  • Security Council: This deals with important matters and concerns of international security. EG: Terrorism

World Scholar's Cup

World Scholar’s Cup is one of the greatest international festivals of learning. Annually it brings together over 5000 scholars (primary and secondary school students) from 5 continents to build capacity on various subject areas as well as interact as global citizens.

In our inaugural entry to the World scholars cup 2019, Nairobi Round which had over 700 students competing. We managed to do well with the five participating students winning a total of 5 Gold medals in debating and 7 silvers in writing and team work categories.

Plans are underway for the team that qualified to attend the Global round in Hague, Netherlands in July 2019. We want to thank our winning team for their outstanding efforts and raising our flag even higher. We thank our parents for their support and sacrifice.

The President's Award - Kenya (PA-K)

The President's Award-Kenya (PA-K)  is an exciting self-development programme available to all young people countrywide equipping them with positive life skills to make a difference for themselves, their communities, country and the world.

Core Values

  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Consistency
  • Teamwork
  • Impartiality

The Award concept is one of individual challenge. It presents to young people a balanced, non-competitive programme of voluntary activities which encourage personal discovery and growth, perseverance, responsibility to themselves and service to their community.

The Award programme is open to all young people between the ages of 14 and 25, irrespective of gender, creed, race or physical status. It also has trained adult volunteer helpers who inspire and support the young people in their pursuance of the programme activities.

Internship: What does it includes?

  • Short term work experience that allow you to participate and observe in a professional work environment
  • Training to develop additional skills under the guidance of an experienced professional; intentional learning objectives and feedback
  • Exploration of how your interests translate into possible careers; helps you make knowledgeable decisions about your future career path
  • Insider view of day to day aspects of an industry and organization/company
  • Opportunities to apply classroom knowledge in a “real world” professional space

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